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Return the Locust to Gears of War multiplayer.

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The Locust need to be in Gears if War multiplayer because it's not Gears of War without them.

Since November of 2006 we've been fighting COG against Locust though Warzone, Execution, Assassination, Annex, Guardian, King of the Hill, Submission, Wingman, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Leader.

Gears of War versus multiplayer will feel empty without the Locust. We've always been (for SIX YEARS) the COG fighting to hold back the Locust, or the Locust fighting to wipe out the COG. We all have our favourite Locust, just as much as we all have our favourite COG. If you take away my Genadier, my Kantus, my Drone... you may as well take away my Lancer.

Fighting COG against COG isn't right, it isn't Gears of War. The Locust are half of what makes Gears of War what it is. COG versus Locust is a huge part of what separates Gears of War from every other shooter out there that tasks you with killing carbon copies of yourself coloured slightly differently.

It would make sense if Judgment was set during the Pendulum wars, but it isn't: it's set just after E-Day, the biggest event of the Locust invasion, but we're going to be battling it out online with Cole killing Cole, Dom killing Dom, and Marcus killing Marcus. When we should be killing the Locust, just like we always have been. 

Join me, add your voice to mine, and show EPIC that the Locust are a necessity in a Gears or War online experience.

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