Remove platform-lock on Epic accounts due to lack of information given to consumers

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With the release of Epic Games' Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, many excited Fortnite players were shocked and disappointed to learn that their accounts, having been linked to PSN at some point in the past, even if only to claim promotions, have been platform-locked to PlayStation 4, without clear and prior notice at the time of creating an Epic Account that logging in on PS4 will commit your Epic account to PS4 for Fortnite, with no way to reverse the lock or transfer progression to another Epic account.

UPDATE thanks to u/kelanatr: There is no mention of platform locking in Epic Games' TOS.

There is conflicting information on whether Epic Games or Sony are truly in charge of this decision, so I am calling for Sony and Epic Games to come together and create a solution. Something as simple as allowing a small grace period for users to completely wipe their Epic account of PSN association and lose all PS4 purchases and skins, should they wish to do so, allowing them to 'commit' their Epic account to Switch/Xbox, would honestly suffice for most people. If a better solution could be implemented, even better. Just, please don't hold our accounts hostage like this.

This is not a large ask. It is simply a matter of decency. Epic has prided itself on transparent, frequent community engagement. We have heard nothing from them on this issue, despite being active in their usual forums. This move is a big contradiction to the Epic many of us know and love, and I'm sure I can speak for the community at large when we say we were gutted at this deceitful restriction, regardless of what company is ultimately responsible.

Had the community had proper, prior notice to such restrictions, this whole reaction could have been avoided, and this petition would not exist. This restriction is absolutely something that users should have been warned about explicitly. It is the reason we deserve to have it removed.

Sony, Epic; please. Have some heart and do the right thing for your player base.