Port Fortnite on Linux

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Fortnite, a massively popular game, is available on:

  • Windows,
  • Mac,
  • Nintendo Switch,
  • PS4,
  • Xbox One
  • and iOS. (Android version in beta as of August 16th).

They are supporting a LOT of platforms, but they are missing one important OS. 


While definitely not as popular as Windows or MacOS, Linux has millions of users.

And while according to the Steam Hardware and Software Survey Linux is used by only 0,49% of the total users, there are Linux gamers who just 

want to play Fortnite!

So, please, sign this petition if you are a Linux gamer like me who also wants to play Fortnite without needing Windows, or you just think Epic should make their game available for everyone, or at least

make Fortnite playable with WINE. 

Thank you for reading this.