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Paragon RNG and P2W Changes

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I think its time the community steps up and bands together and gives our point on the way the card system is being handled.

Currently, cards are locked behind an RNG wall. To begin this is not a smart decision for new players. It is very hard to be competitive against other players that have unlocked the meta cards at the time, when you have not. All cards should be available to everyone at level 1. How you choose to create a way to grind for the game after this is up to you. Personally, I still think the gems should be grinded as they can add value with the small stats they provide. 

Now, onto the main course. Recently you just added a way for players to pay to gain more chances at obtaining the cards locked behind RNG. Allowing players to pay for more chances to unlock these cards hidden behind RNG is pay to win. If a card has a 5% chance of being unlock and grinders get 10 chests in a week. While players who pay get 80 chests with their money they have an extremely higher chance to get that card that may allow them to win games. This is a terrible path to tread and I think the rest of the community is going to agree so please change this system!

Thank you!

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