Lift innocent FORTNITE bans

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So I was playing Fortnite: Battle Royale and I got removed from a match for my IP, VPN usage or cheating. I realised I had cheat engine open and closed it straight away. The very next day I try to login into Epic Games launcher and it came up with: Your epic account has been disabled error code AS-18006 or something like that. I do some research into this topic and I found the following reasons for the error code:



Owner requested for it to be disabled

I sent an email to epic and I hoped for the best that it was just my account disabled. The very next day I got an email back saying that they observed me "cheating" and that I was banned forever no warnings. No proof. So I said that I would never cheat because I know the consequences, but guess what they come back saying that the ban will not be overturned. So I asked why they won'the give warnings and they never replied.

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