Indian Fortnite Servers (Delhi/Mumbai)

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Fortnite is rapidly growing in India and Indians are really trying to play competitively and make a living off of it. But because of high ping, bad server optimization, and inconsistency. We are really trying to grind daily and contribute a lot to your player base and we don't even have good servers and play on 80-90 ping in pubs and creative too! Earlier, Middle East Servers were introduced in Mumbai and Everybody was so happy that our ping after 10 seasons was finally good, and they were removed after about a month of being introduced but then Epic relocated the servers, which makes sense because Mumbai is not part of the Middle East. But the question that stands is why can't Epic introduce and Indian Server so we can queue with Indians! So many games have Indian Servers and have much smaller player bases compared to Fortnite. It's not like Epic can't afford to put a server in Mumbai or it isn't possible but I feel like this is a lack of respect and a pure show of ignorance to the IGC (Indian Gaming Community) and we also would like to become good competitive players like in the United States or Europe. I hope I get the support of the IGC and that we quickly surpass these obstacles in the way of our success as E-sport players. Peace and I hope we get Indian Servers!