Give jailbreakers the chance to play Fortnite Mobile.

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Jailbreaking has been undoubtedly been known as a way of freedom for iOS users much like rooting on Android. We individuals want our phones to stand out of the average joe. We want to go above and beyond what we want on our devices. It is jailbreak that pushes us into being more and more creative as the days go by. With that being said, The whole r/Jailbreak subreddit has gone in to panic after problems with loading FN:BR on jailbroken iOS devices is unplayable. Really, Epic? You want to restrict those (myself included) people who actually care about their game and want to commit to play on their phones as legitimate and fair players? I get that there is a risk with this wether it might be hacks on the game or whatever Epic thinks. I just want to get a Victory Royale on my iPhone while also keeping an outstanding look on it through Cydia. I know I'm not the only one. @laughingquoll, @cokepokes, @coolstar, and many other well known people have come to a decision on helping the community in need. Why not just unite as one and let us play your game? I'm sure many people would be willing to sign this. With huge feedback on your game over the past month, we all want to be a part of the game. Just let us play.