Finish the game "Jazz Jackrabbit 3"

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Epic MegaGames released the beta for the third Jazz Jackrabbit game but the game never got finished due to lack of publishers.

Epic MegaGames (today known as Epic Games) should at least finish the started game, or release a remake of the trilogy (much like Crash and Spyro)

Personal story
I still remember playing Jazz Jackrabbit games at my friends house. We had a lot of fun. She did have the demo for the third game, but we didn't play it a huge lot because the unfinished version didn't have the 2 player mode.

Recently, there was a new game everyone knows about (Fortnite). I didn't play it, but it is a massive success and I realised that it was made by Epic Games, the same one that made Jazz Jackrabbit. I'm surprised they are still in business considering that previous games weren't extremely popular. The point is, do you think Epic Games should do something with Jazz Jackrabbit?