Epic, Just bring the SEA Server Back! #bringbackseaserver

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Dear Epic Games. We Know you listening to the community, Thank you. But, did Epic already hear about #bringbackseaserver ?

It's almost one-year Epic has deactivated SEA server because " removing the players who have better performance to the Middle East region does not leave sufficient population to support healthy matchmaking "  source epicgames.com

a lot of players from Southeast Asean have a good skill in a competitive game, but since 8.8.2019 out of nowhere SEA server who located in Singapore has been deactivated. usually, we playing Fortnite W/ 20 - 50 Ping which is good for competitive games and edits the building. Now, we always playing in high ping between 90 - 100  Ping and that's is so tiring if we get enemy from lower ping. Please, Epic you know what we want. we want the SEA server is back so we can be playing competitively in a good way. It's Season 3 and there is no answer from Epic. Epic please Listen to the community more precisely player from South East Asia. #thankyouepicgames

you all guys who read this petition please share with your friend, discord, and if you have some streamers/influencers ( gaming ) friends. you can share it with them. Thank you for all who shared.