Change the Weapon Delay back, It completely blows.

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The Weapon Delay is the worst update I've seen so far for the game, it makes no sense whatsoever. Here is some proof of its horrible, this is twitters when you search the words weapon delay, other then the paid advertising with the link you shouldnt click here is zero positive things being said about the Weapon Delay and 99% negative. Reddit threads asking it to be reverted were insane compared to the threads of people saying they liked it (like none) . , a streamers opinion about it, Basically there are not many people other than the ones who suck and it does not affect that are even defending this. This Weapon Delay you added causes build fights to be slow paced which is literally your whole game, i clearly understand what happened here, there is a dev or devs who were getting crushed and wanted to get rid of it because ive never seen anyone at all complain that the game was too fast pace. it was the best part of your game which is gone now. cant even edit and shoot someone because he has his gun out already and just fires while i wait 100 seconds for my gun.

i also ask the people who sign this to hold of on purchases till they address this problem or revert it, thank you.

TLDR: Weapon Delay makes the game sluggish, The game is fun because of the build fights which they ruined, can't find anyone writing positive about this, also Twitter/Reddit has a 99% + negative responses about this. bottom line, Its horrible, also double pump is back so the dps for second is still there lmao. so dumb.

That's all i can think of, please sign so these guys revert.