Bring Back Smoke Grenade In Fortnite Battle Royale

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Like other, i'm a big fan of Fortnite, both the Save The World and the Battle Royale, but when i saw the  version 3.3 patch notes from Epic Games i was frustarted to see that the smoke grenade was removed from the Battle Royale mode. Epic Games said : After investigation, we have come to a conclusion that the smoke grenade was not used by players and we've decided to remove them from the game. This is so frustrating because, as alot of player like me, always had a slots filled with smoke grenade. Now they're incorporating ''Remote Explosive'' which is super useless and that no one takes. To conclude, i want the best for Fortnite, its a awesome game with alot of potential to become the best game ever ''PUBG fan incoming'' and i think that sould've consult the community before doing something like that, so please, sign this and show this to Epic Games on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit so they can bring back the best item that was ever in Fortnite Battle Royale.

To resume, we need to work as a community and BRING BACK SMOKE GRENADE! 

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