An Improved Anti-Cheat detection and False Ban removal

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We understand Epic Games has not had the best of public relations when it comes to their games. But when it has come to their newest release Fortnite. That's when it has become almost unbearable, Epic Games has their "Gorified" Anti-Cheat system falsely ban multiple people and say it was justified because they detected "A cheating software" in use when playing Fortnite.


The thing is, is that the system is so broken that even people that have only Discord open when running Fortnite have gotten banned for using a "Cheat software".  Epic Games has even blatantly stated "You were all correctly banned on our end for running cheat software while playing Fortnite." Depending on how you set up your Anti-Cheat software even Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge can be considered a "Cheat Software"


What's even worse is that even people that have invested hundreds of dollars have been falsely flagged by the mockery of an Anti-Cheat system. Can you guess what Epic Games' response pretty much is? "Ha Ha Thank you for the money now go away." This should not be the response of a company with twenty plus years under their belt, instead it feels like a Kickstarter company that has made a promise to deliver an amazing game and instead steals the money raised.

So please, stand with us as we try and help those falsely accused have a shred of justice. To encourage Epic Games to recode their Anti-Cheat system and prove that they can still continue as a game developing company with multiple decades of experience.

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