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EPA: Update dosage labels for small dogs using flea and tick treatments!

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Monkey, my 7-year-old Yorkie, meant the world to me. She was healthy and full of life, until her life was cut short by carelessness in the dog medication industry. I am still coming to terms with the fact that Monkey is gone forever, but I need to make sure no other dog will suffer like Monkey did.

This past April, I went to get Monkey her annual flea and tick medication, Advantix II. Her veterinarian recommended this treatment years ago and we’ve used it without problems ever since. Three days later, I came home from work to her seizing on the floor, unresponsive.  Shortly thereafter, she died of heart failure. I couldn’t believe it, nor could I understand the cause. Monkey had used this flea and tick medication before, so I sought the advice of two different vets, neither of whom pointed to this course of medication as the cause of death. That’s when I started doing some research and discovered thousands of dogs and cats have died due to the toxins in common flea and tick treatments. Small dogs are prescribed the same dosage as dogs twice or three times their size. At any time, the chemicals can overwhelm their fragile immune systems and cause everything from rashes and seizures to death. Monkey was only 7 pounds, but she was given the same dosage as every other dog -- and this time, it killed her.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cited a need for revised labeling and warnings for doses to smaller dogs in 2008! Where are those labels now? I believe Monkey would still be here if only the EPA had followed through on their recommendations.

I am calling upon the EPA to add warning labels to Frontline and Advantage brands, immediately, with specific recommendations for a lower dosage for smaller dogs. My mission is to help curb these unnecessary deaths. Please join me in bringing awareness to this cause, sign and share!

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