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The Brain Development of Our Children is at Risk. End Water Fluoridation Now!

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Fluoride’s ability to damage the brain is one of the most active areas of fluoride research today. Over 300 studies have found that fluoride is a neurotoxin (a chemical that can damage the brain). This research includes: 

  • Over 100 animal studies showing that prolonged exposure to varying levels of fluoride can damage the brain, particularly when coupled with an iodine deficiency, or aluminum excess;
  • 50 human studies linking moderately high fluoride exposures with reduced intelligence;
  • 45 animal studies reporting that mice or rats ingesting fluoride have an impaired capacity to learn and/or remember;
  • 12 studies (7 human, 5 animal) linking fluoride with neurobehavioral deficits (e.g., impaired visual-spatial organization);
  • 3 human studies linking fluoride exposure with impaired fetal brain development.

Based on this accumulating body of research, several prestigious reviews — including a report authored by the U.S. National Research Council, a meta-analysis published by a team of Harvard scientists, and a review published in The Lancet— have raised red flags about the potential for low levels of fluoride to harm brain development in some members of the population.

In response, a coalition of environmental, medical and health groups have served the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a Petition calling on the Agency to ban the addition of fluoridation chemicals to public water supplies due to the risks these chemicals pose to the brain.  The coalition currently includes the Fluoride Action Network, Food & Water Watch, Organic Consumers Association, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, and Moms Against Fluoridation.

The Petition requests that the EPA exercise its authority under provisions in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to prohibit the purposeful addition of fluoridation chemicals to U.S. water supplies.  The TSCA authorizes the EPA to prohibit the “particular use” of a chemical that presents an unreasonable risk to the general public or susceptible subpopulations, including drinking water additives.

The petition includes over 2,500 pages of supportive scientific documentation, and explains, “the amount of fluoride now regularly consumed by millions of Americans in fluoridated areas exceeds the doses repeatedly linked to IQ loss and other neurotoxic effects.”  (Also see shorter 10-page Petition summary)

Those who are especially vulnerable to fluoride’s neurotoxic effects include infants, the elderly, kidney patients, and the nutrient deficient (e.g. iodine and calcium). Evidence also suggests that African-Americans may suffer disproportionate harm as well.

FAN’s legal advisors and EPA insiders have confirmed that if the EPA actually applies its own risk assessment guidelines to fluoridation, it will have to agree that fluoridation poses an unacceptably high risk to the brain.

EPA scientists characterize chemicals with human evidence of neurotoxicity as “gold standard” chemicals warranting assessment priority.  Not only is there human research on fluoride neurotoxicity, it is so extensive that fluoride is classified alongside lead, mercury and PCBs as one of only 12 chemicals “known to cause developmental neurotoxicity in human beings.” (Lancet Neurology)

At EPA’s request, the National Research Council (NRC) reviewed fluoride toxicology research and concluded in 2006, “It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.”  Since NRC’s review, 196 fluoride/brain studies have been published, including 61 human studies, yet the EPA has taken NO ACTION.

The EPA now has 90 days—by the end of February 2017--to respond to this Petition. 

As with lead, fluoride is a neurotoxic and endocrine disrupting substance that has no place in our drinking water.  The EPA should follow Europe’s lead and end fluoridation.

Help put pressure on regulators to do their job to protect our children from unnecessary exposure to neurotoxins.  Add your name in support of our EPA citizen’s petition.  All signatures collected will be submitted to the EPA as a supportive comment prior to the submission deadline.

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