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Global mining companies want to gouge North America’s biggest, open-pit gold and copper mine out of the spectacular wilderness above Alaska’s Bristol Bay. A long-awaited study by the Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that the Pebble Mine — and its estimated 10 billion tons of mining waste — would pose catastrophic risks to Bristol Bay, along with its legendary salmon runs, its abundant wildlife and its Native communities.

The mining giants have already spent $100 million on this scheme. They are fighting back hard, attacking the EPA and pressuring the White House. The time has come for the EPA to exercise its authority under the Clean Water Act and stop this disastrous mega-mine.

Make your voice heard immediately. Sign the petition to the EPA, calling on the agency to save this national treasure by prohibiting the Pebble Mine!

Letter to
EPA Deputy Administrator Robert Perciasepe
The Pebble Mine would gouge one of the world's largest gold and copper mines out of the headwaters of the Bristol Bay. It would generate billions of tons of contaminated waste, destroy thousands of acres of wetlands and threaten the area's legendary salmon runs, environment and Native communities.

Building a mine of this scale in this location is a reckless and destructive venture. No matter how extensive the environmental review or how comprehensive the mitigation, the far-reaching risk to our environment cannot be eliminated. There are no examples of successful, long-term collection and treatment systems for mines. Mining would produce acidic and metals-laden waters that would degrade water quality downstream with virtual certainty, and there is a 98 percent likelihood of pipeline failure per 25 years of operation.

We shouldn't gamble what we can't afford to lose — and we can't afford to lose the Bristol Bay watershed. I urge you to exercise your authority under the Clean Water Act to proactively protect this natural treasure by prohibiting the Pebble Mine.

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