Release and renovate abandoned dwellings in Ireland to resolve the housing crisis

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There are currently 27 properties vacant and abandoned for every homeless man, woman and child in Ireland.

These properties need to be released and inhabited in a swift and economical manner to put an end to our housing crisis, not alone for the homeless but for all seeking a home.  

This exercise will do without the need of building new dwellings which has proved a slow exercise and resolution to date, renovating vacant properties is sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

To do this, I am petioning the introduction of a vacant property tax, to incentivise owners to renovate, rent or sell. Should the property remain uninhabited, the property is taxed until it is significantly renovated and or released, rented or sold into the Housing maket. 

Tax is a great motivator for change. A good tax is recognised as such, when the outcome is for the better good. Vacant dwellings are a waste and unethical in our current climate and the proposed new build stock numbers will not resolve the housing issues in the near future. Renovating and releasing vacant property is a sustainable and economical solution for the country.

It is therefore my proposal that all councils register, assess and tax vacant buildings and dwellings to resolve the housing crisis, encouraging vacant dwellings to be released into the market. 

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