class action status: to examine the realities and consequences of extreme experimentation

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PETITION to prove


the commitment and interest in democratic FIRST AMENDMENT redress of grievances

to demand:

WE THE PEOPLE, DO: have the legal right to understand the realities, and the consequences of BEING WRONG.  THE TRUTH, as it exists by the evidence/ NOT, a theory or assumption.


“Extreme experimentation”!  the cost of being WRONG, when trying to ignite the same energy release as is on the sun:  "four million times more than a chemical fire".  the cost of being wrong when mutilating DNA, as is nature itself. and SO MUCH MORE!         we need to know, because we cannot go back; past the point of no return.    as is bringing the same nuclear fire here "just like on the sun".  IT BURNS, the bond in ATOMS.

As is being done throughout universities: with our nature, energy, money, resources, world, and future of all life on earth.

no money is collected

no lawsuit exists, until 100,000+ signatures

will prove, “the legal right to proceed”

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your decisions make this trial happen! THIS IS, A WORLD ISSUE.

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First originator: James Frank Osterbur 2191 county road 2500 E. St. Joseph, IL 61873