Put an end to plastic waste in Hong Kong's waters

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I am 12 years old, and recently I went on a school trip to Bail and, watched a movie called a plastic ocean. Then I realized what a big problem plastic in the sea was. What stood out to me was that I found out there was an island twice the size of Texas that was full of garbage, I also learned that the trash we throw into the ocean breaks down into tiny little microplastics and then the fish and other sea creatures eat it. Those sea creatures are caught by fishermen and then eaten by us.

Plastic is disrupting the ecosystem in many ways. First of all the sea animals like turtles, are eating the plastic and getting stuck in it and then dying a sad gruesome death. When Whales or other big fish eat plastic bottles or plastic bags, it will make the animal feel like it is full when it is not, and then the fish will die of starvation. These are innocent sea creatures eating harmful plastics that we put into their habitat they deserve better. In the News, I read about a turtle having a plastic straw pulled out of its nose, and a whale washed up on the beach with 80 pounds of plastic in it. Innocent animals are dying because of us, and it is mostly caused by plastic or the plastic toxins in the ocean.

The factories that make plastic bags only care about the money, not the environment, and the companies like grocery stores that buy plastic bags only care about how many customers they get. The grocery stores and supermarkets only purchase plastic bags because the customers use them. If people stop using plastic bags, then companies will stop buying them, and finally, the manufactures will stop producing them.

It is clear plastic in the ocean disrupts the ecosystem for the fish, and it also kills them. The plastic doesn't affect the oceans it affects us too. So I think people should bring their own grocery bags to the grocery store, and also we should stop using straws because they also harm our environment.So what you can do is sign my petition and help the planet.