What efforts are made to 'Save Water' ?

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In today's World, we make all efforts to encourage the masses to SAVE WATER by placing Banners, Hoardings, Rallies, Messages, Online Promotions but do we really follow them.

Since Morning till Night, we waste water knowingly and unknowingly. We are using the hi-tech equipments in our day to days working for hygiene, safe and effortless living. Some of the commonly used equipments wasting large amount of water:

* RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier: In actual only 25% of water is purified and 75% of water comes out as a waste, which could be not drinkable but at least it can be used in some or the other way.

* Automatic Washing Machine: Around 100+ltrs of water is used to wash a single load (6-7 kgs) of clothes.

* Auto Car Wash System: To wash a Car, approximately 250 ltrs of water is consumed, which is a big waste, as we can manually wash a car with 20-30 ltrs of water, if used in a bucket.

These are just three examples, while there are many more, and to be frank, we don't care because we need pure water, clean cloths, shining cars etc etc etc. Did anyone wondered why so much water is wasted???

I know that any Government or any organisation cannot come down to our homes or our establiments to teach us 'How to SAVE WATER' but they are the authorities and can make rules and regulations that 'How the modern machines be made so that the water waste can be used productively?'

I plea to everyone to kindly make use of water sensibly.