We can STOP making Air Pollution by converting into Air INK #NeedChange

We can STOP making Air Pollution by converting into Air INK #NeedChange

2 July 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sushma Rapolu

Controlling of Air Pollution is a GLOBAL PROBLEM.

Im actually trying to say that-we can control Air Pollution by converting into Air Ink.                                            This Ink helps you in Reduce,Reuse & Recycle Pollution from Polluted Air to Ink. 

In 2017, In India from Bangalore took step forward to controlling pollution in Air. By ANIRUDH SHARMA, who is the Co-founder of Graviky Labs.

•They implemented his ideas in London with TIGER BEER BREWERY SG. He introduced a device, which they can FIT those devices on to the TAILPIPE of the VEHICLES, whatever particulates coming out of the Vehicle, it'll Now Stopped and confined into Chamber, with that they were collected pollution while they where delivering Tiger Beer around the City. After collecting Harvested Carbon they purified in Lab and turned into safe, high quality Ink.

•One Pen Ink=40-50mins of diesel Car pollution.                                                    Their Co2 Emissions decreased by 95% and it creates nearly 100Liters of Air Ink.                                        They tested that Ink by giving to street Artists and along with London Bill board & public space too.     

•They also have taken petition to use for trial's on London transport systems from the Government.

      "This Awareness must be spread as much as possible".

Because now a days, it became really hard to get Fresh Air Around...


√ Air ink is all about Capturing Air Pollution particulates and extract the Carbon content out of them before it enter the environment from your vehicles.                                                    The same technology can be scaled to fit to Boat's, Chimneys , Bricks kilns and Crane's.

With that ink, we can able to write and paint without the negative effect on nature.Which contains beauty and environment marge together.

 Due to this change, we get free from 80% of our health problems.

√ So Bring awareness & spread this News as much as possible. 3years back it already started in Bangalore...AND We need Change in every place...

√  AND What Is the best place for CARBON EMISSIONS to Go, is it to your LUNGS  'or' is it to something like Ink???



                         THANK YOU!



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Signatures: 154Next Goal: 200
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