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We are the stewards, not the destroyer

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It is not unknown to us that our Mother Earth has been experiencing rapid devastation since then. These devastation is brought to us due to negligence of our duty as the protector of our Environment.

Some people, despite of awareness of climate change and destruction of our natural resources, still continue to abuse the power such that large companies do not comply to nature's law. They are one of the main reasons for continuous destruction of our nature such that they still continue to implement actions which can fully destroy our Environment.

Black Sand Mining is still rampant in my home country. Segregation of wastes is not strictly followed, habitats for the animals are being destroyed because Illegal mining is still happening and even the abuse of body waters which greatly contributes to water pollution. Air Pollution is widely spread due to factories and the air we breathe is becoming a hazard to our health. 

I know I am still young but I know what is right and wrong; my eyes are widely open and I can see what us, humans, do to our beloved home. If a youngster like me can have a concern to my nature as huge as the earth could be, then why are the older ones who are much knowledgeable than me cannot even make a wise and mature actions and decisions?

Mother Earth was beautiful but when I look around, the only thing I see is Destruction. Remember that mother earth is where we live, it is our home and it is in our hands to take good care of it. Change can never happen when no one starts doing the right thing, when no one will first do the right action. It is our job to protect it, not to destroy it. Our Contribution is a must; our micro effects can lead to macro changes. Slow it may seem but sure it will be.

I hope for a good progress, not a progression than can lead to destruction. Please implement laws that should strictly protect our Mother Earth. Let the laws be known to all. Encourage everyone to reduce, reuse, recycle. Lessen the use of plastics. Preserve natural resources by giving funds for the preservation and beautification of our wonders. And most of all, Educate everyone especially the youth. Encourage everyone to join different programs such as tree planting. It is not yet too late for change.

Just think about the next generation and the generations that are yet to come; would you rather let them breathe a polluted air? would you rather see them suffering from all of our negligence? would you rather see them beg for a good life? can you handle the truth knowing that you are part of the destroyers of our Mother Earth? Think about it. Follow the laws and start changes.

This is not just for me but for everyone. We all deserve to live happily and in prosperity.

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