Take a stand against life threatening mold in schools/work/rentals and in our food!!!!

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We have a plague here in America today! It is called mold. It is even described as such in Leviticus 14! Our government refuses to recognize molds or their mycotoxins as human pathogens. The reason for this is that fungus is a multi-billion dollar industry. Fungus is used in laundry detergents, bath products, pesticides, weed killers, citric acid in our food, MSG in our food, and many medications including antibiotics. This is potentially fatal to those of us suffering from chronic exposure to these molds and mycotoxins. Our only hope of regaining our health is to stay away from molds altogether. That would be great but this country allows people to rent out moldy homes and apartments. We often work in moldy buildings. Schools are the worst!!! When we call for help, the ONLY recourse we have is our local health department. Health departments do not test for mold nor do they have any standards to go by to limit our exposure!! We can't even sue the landlords because our government refuses to set any acceptable standards for exposure to mold or mycotoxins claiming they don't know enough about them to do so. So why is fungus so widely used in industry? Let's make our government SET THOSE STANDARDS TO PROTECT LIFE ACROSS THE WORLD!!!! I am finally receiving help from an M.D. 4 years later! I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma, fungal infection of the lungs, crohns disease, low IGG and chemical sensitivity. My 8 year old son developed rashes, warts, speech problems, headaches, bowel disease, oppossitional defiancy disorder, tourrettes syndrome, "burning skin", multiple strep infections, and NONE OF IT HAS GONE AWAY POST EXPOSURE UNTIL I DISCOVERED BINDERS AND OTHER NATURAL REMEDIES. My 5 year old developed rashes, multiple strep infections, vomiting, headaches, an allergic reaction to amoxicillin despite using it several times prior to the mold exposure, speech problems, and now (post exposure) pees his pants both during the day and at night. This is because his master hormone was damaged by mycotoxins. The neurological effects are scary and harmful to a child's self esteem. Let alone the misery! My 5 year old refuses to eat grains now. He gets sick. That is because grains and any product made with them are full of these carcinogenic mycotoxins.

*UPDATE* My kids are now 13, 11 and 7. All 3 of them have low IGG (immunocompromised). They get rashes and frequent infections. They are hypersensitive to molds and chemicals. I was able to cure tourette's with CBD oil but the GI issues are still a nightmare with my middle son. My youngest still struggles with appetite and weight gain. My oldest has major histamine issues and gains major weight with mold exposure like I did before my infection became systemic. My teeth have deteriorated in just 2 years and my middle son's have as well. We have good oral hygiene and eat what God provided us to eat. I believe the mold is eating our bones away because I dented a bone I should have broken earlier this year. We just found out about their IGG because I just found out my infection spread and had them tested. This is not a joke and standards need to be set in place. Mold actually destroys health!!!! Gluten intolerance is in fact an inflammatory response to mycotoxins. Frequent ear infections, MS, leukemia and all other cancers, excema, frequent upper respiratory infections including  chronic bronchitis and COPD, frequent strep infections, asthma, vision deterioration, fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, hormone imbalances, celiac disease, Lyme disease, lupus, etc.... have all been extensively associated with mold illness and I believe it is time for our government to fund research and set guidelines for "acceptable levels of mycotoxins" (which should be zero) in our food, schools, work, rentals, AIR, water, and soil. In addition, I want schools and workplaces to be tested for molds and properly remediated when necessary. I am bound by law to send my child to school. I need to work to pay taxes. MAKE IT SAFE!!!!!!!  It is clear to me that our own government is committing slow genocide on it's own people and I demand an end to it and action to be taken to protect our children, the future of this greedy country!!!! Agritultural chemicals (like glyphosate, proven to cause cancer) and chemical foods containing way too much sugar (which molds feed on) are some of the reasons that fungal infections are on the rise. Furthermore, we need fully trained medical professionals that WILL order the labs we need and that know mold kills and that prednisone reacts with a mycotoxin I was exposed to which shuts down our t-cell response(immune system) allowing fungus to spread rapidly, hence why I had 2 mini-strokes (TIAs)!!! Prednisone is used way too much. As are antibiotics. Giving them to someone exposed to molds could be deadly. Want to know more? Google it! There are a ton of reliable resources out there. Focus on medical journals and/or studies because there is a lot of hype out there too. Please sign this petition to ensure your children and mine have a chance at a healthy, happy life!!! 


STOP LYING TO US AND STOP TRYING TO KILL US!!!!!! Remove black mold from American industry immediately!


Repay Cleveland for your deception in the infant death cases of 90s. Admit that you fired the lead investigator to protect the fungus industry which includes the FDA, big pharmacy, and American Industry. Cleveland lost 133 more babies in 2013 and continues to lose 13 of every one thousand live births!!! MAKE CLEVELAND LANDLORDS CLEAN UP THEIR  RENTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!


"According to the Centers for Disease Control, available evidence does not support a link between mold exposure and pulmonary embolisms, heart disease or breast cancer recurrence -- the official causes of death of the four SUNO professors."

"And no federal guidelines exist for what constitutes a safe quantity of mold, making it difficult for inspectors to know whether occupants of a building or home are at risk. Building managers say they often are forced to rely on occupant complaints to determine that a remediation was unsuccessful"   This is an excerpt from a story by NOLO.com about 4 professors that died while working in New Orleans for SUNO!!!!!! Absolutely disgusting and we the people demand that you the CDC set those standards and recognize pulmonary embolisms, cancer, heart disease, immune disease, inflammatory diseases, among all others you have overwhelming evidence for as mold related immediately and end our needless suffering!!!! Furthermore, stop lying and using fake reports and forcing us the already poor to spend very real money to fight you all so you can avoid mold claims especially pertaing to stachybotrys as it is yet again an issue in this New Orleans school!!