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Support our environment. Take actions to reduce pollution.

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We have been hearing a lot about global warming and environmental hazards in recent past. But has anyone been taking any actions against it? We recently got the news of cracker bans in some part of the country. That is good but what about the rest of the year ? 

I have been observing that there are so many vehicles (govt, commercial and personal) which are never looked after that emit non filtered smoke in the environment and have been making everyone's life in danger. For example - the govt buses, commercial trucks, auto rickshaws, cab drivers are some of the vehicles which run the most on Indian roads and these are the ones which are never serviced or repaired becuase the drivers dont want to spend money on it. My humble request to the Indian authorities, traffic heads, environmentalists is to make it compulsory that every vehicle running on the Indian roads should be serviced and repaired regularly. Also, it should be made a compulsory duty of the traffic police to have pollution checking machines with them to randomly stop vehicles and check their PUC instantly on spot. This is necessary because I have seen many people getting the PUC certificate by shedding out some extra money. The police need to focus more and work honestly on this issue than simply checking whether the driver is wearing a helmet. If we do not take steps to control and keep our environment clean now then there will be a time when people will die of lung diseases more and kids will start aging faster than their real age.

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