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Stop Awarding Emission Permits to Exxon

Exxon Mobile has consistently had leaks, fugitive emissions, and spills without adequately informing the people of the community. Although ExxonMobil is the world's largest company, it will not spend the money to maintain its plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. ExxonMobil accidentally released an astounding 31,022 pounds of cancer causing benzene which took from June to August summer 2012 to clean up. The Baton Rouge plant had a surprise EPA inspection which revealed broken pipes and equipment, unsafe practices and even duck tape and garbage bags being used to make repairs.

As of June 2013 the Baton Rouge plant has had accidental releases of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. While repairs are being made a reported 24 tons of toxins are being released daily, without adequately informing the surrounding community. We call for a moratorium on all emission permits until the ExxonMobil plant proves that it has made all repairs and adhered to all regulations. The people have a right to breath clean air and Exxon should not be above the law or environmental regulations.

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