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Save the Earth by Using Greener and Cleaner Energy Sources!

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 As active community members, and environmentalists, we are high school students who strive to protect and value the beautiful environment that has granted us the opportunity to live a privileged life. For our earth, we urge you to raise more awareness about the damage that fossils exert on or environment globally, and ultimately transition from consumption of fossil fuels in to using renewable energy as our electricity source so that our environment and atmosphere can continue to sustain the lives on earth for many years to come.

The continual use of Earth’s fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) deteriorates both physical and biological health and we accept the development of toxic air pollutants and climate change. Ultimately, if we continue to ignore the growing environmental problem, we are simply denying the privilege of earth to our children. Thus, it is imperative for communities such as Blackhawk plaza to efficiently utilize solar, wind, hybrid wind-solar, and micro hydropower electrical systems to save our world. In an article by the EPA it is stated that the massed amounts of emitted carbon dioxide and nitrogen from fossil fuels can eventually lead to an imbalanced atmosphere. According to CBS news just last year 38.2 billions tons of carbon dioxide was emitted into the air from burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil. Consequently, these greenhouse gases stay in the air leading to more smog and toxic acid rain. This damaged and toxic environment can detrimentally harm the health of oxygen-deprived aquatic zones and aquatic organisms. Basically, it will kill our animals and their habitats. In fact, in her article “Climate Mission Impossible”, Christina Nunez states, “Canada's tar sands need to stay in the ground, the oil beneath the Arctic must remain under the sea, and most of the world's coal must be left untouched to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2°C,” (1/7/15). Therefore, it is useless to spend billions of dollars investing in an energy source that the world cannot even use. If fossil fuels are both hurting the environment and are a wasted investment, then isn’t it better invest in alternative reusable energy sources? Gary Griggs, a professor from UC Santa Cruz, states “Were not running out of fossil fuels were running out of the atmosphere,” (4/23/17, Here, Griggs is telling the world that they must focus on transitioning from the usage of fossils fuels into completely relying on renewable energy sources. His reasoning is justified in the fact that there will not be any chance to continue life on earth if our atmosphere is destroyed. Some major industries may fear this drastic change, however Shannon Eddy (executive Director of Large-Scale Solar Association) stated, “China announced last year that they were going to be getting rid of 100 gigawatts of coal facilities. This means existing plants. This means plants that were on the drawing boards. They even talked about getting rid of plants that were under construction.” (4/23/17, Through her quote, Shannon proves the possibility of this transition. If such a huge economic powerhouse like China can do it, then, why can’t we?

 In fact, the emissions from fossil fuels can also lead to detrimental health defects in developing fetus and young children. They are more biologically and psychologically vulnerable to the effects of air pollutants and it can more easily lead to physical trauma, physiological stress, nutritional deprivation, infectious agents, and heat waves. How much longer will we stay ignorant to the fact that we are harming the health of the both the environment and our future generations?  It is no lie that this transition will be complicated and strenuous, nevertheless, that is no excuse to stand idly by and watch the Earth perish.

Therefore, we ask on general manager of Blackhawk Veronica Curley, City manager Ken larking, and the Town of Danville to support us in eradicating fossil fuels and replacing them with cleaner and greener energy sources, such as solar or wind starting with Blackhawk plaza. The future generations of the world deserve to live in an earth as beautiful as now, and we call on you, our city leaders, to ensure that the Danville can be a clean city that doesn’t contribute to the emission of harmful gases.



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