Save The Bees!

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Bee populations have been decreasing rapidly in recent years. Some factors include drought, habitat destruction, nutrition deficit, air pollution,and global warming.But a major factor is the use of toxic chemicals and insecticides in agriculture that are being directly ingested by bees. The Environmental Protection Agency has been allowing the use of these pesticides and ignoring the truth that the bees are dying at an alarming rate. 1/3 of the food eaten by humans comes from crops pollinated by bees. Without bees to pollinate, food production would suffer a major blow, costing about $290 billion dollars each year around the globe (and limiting our food supply). Albert Einstein, an early supporter of saving the bees, once claimed that if bees were to go extinct, humans could survive on earth for only about 4 more years. It's time to stop the use of harsh chemicals in agriculture and do your part to save the bees!