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Protect the Eastern Diamond-Back Rattlesnake

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The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake is an essential species that maintains the population of other organisms, keeping a healthy environment and balanced biodiversity. These snakes eat pests such as rats and mice, which spread disease, and are pests to humans.

These snakes used to be common, but now their population is drastically decreasing due to the destruction of their habitat for urban development and other uses by humans. In fact only 2% of their original habitat remains in the southeast. U.S. Diamondbacks used to be common in states such as North Carolina, but they have been extinct in this state since 1995. The global long-term decline of the population is predicted to be at 30%-70%. The protection of the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake would lead to the decline of rodent-spread diseases such as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and would restore biodiversity in many ecosystems in the United States.


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