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Promote recycling in New York City by introducing recycling bins.

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The Earth has finite resources. The rate at which resources are being consumed is greater than the rate at which they are being renewed. Hence, eventually we will run out of them. Running out of resources will mean no fuel, no paper etc. The rate at which we are producing waste is higher than the rate at which waste is being decomposed. This means that, landfills are filling very fast and water bodies(in which waste is being dumped) are growing more polluted making it harder for the aquatic ecosystem to survive. Also, a large amount of energy is consumed to extract raw materials or resources from the Earth and make them fit for are use. The energy required to recycle is lesser than that.

To reduce the waste production and reduce the resource consumption, recycling is a solution. Recycling allows us to reuse the waste consumed, not only reducing the amount of waste to be dumped but also lowering the requirement of resources to be consumed.

The amount of waste generated in the United States in 2013 was 254 million tons and the amount of trash recycled was 87 million tons. New York City is the most populous city in the United States and hence, the waste generation is high. If the people of New York City recycled their waste, we would be able to:           1)Conserve Raw Materials and Resources
2)Save Energy
3)Protect the Environment                                                                                               
In New York City, there are trash cans on every street corner, which is very beneficial to curb the littering habits of people. But placing a recycling bin on every street corner along with the trash can will promote recycling and make it accessible.

Please sign the petition and help make New York City a clean and environment-friendly city! This will be send to the Environment Protection Agency.


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