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Environmental Petition

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Janine Bacud started this petition to Environmental Protection Agency and
  • Though the significance of involving children in environmental sustainability efforts is widely acknowledged, we still lack evidence on what they think of environmental issues and about the protection of nature. The aim of the paper is to systematically describe the reasons that children give for protecting the environment. Thirty-three children (aged 6–11 years) participated in one of the six focus groups. Method of qualitative content analysis was used for analyzing the data. Study findings showed that participants were aware of some of the environmental problems or environmentally harmful behaviour like litter and pollution. 
  • Moreover, the study participants had various views about the importance of nature protection like maintaining clean environment, protecting human life and health, or protecting animals and plants. The reasons they gave for environmental protection were related to both humans and other parts of the nature. Furthermore, the participants learned about nature protection from sources like family, school, various literature sources, computer games, television and by watching how others behaved.
  • Here are 6 important reasons why we should care about the environment.

    1. To Enhance Human Health

    The state of the environment plays a huge role in our overall health. Outdoor air pollution can lead to harmful diseases like asthma and bronchitis. It can also affect the quality of our food, which can lead to the ingestion of dangerous toxins. The cleaner our environment is, the better chance we have at living a healthy life.

    2. To Protect Our Ecosystem

    The way we treat the environment has a direct impact on the world’s most vulnerable species. Multiple species are at risk of extinction due to irresponsible human behavior. If we want to protect these precious animals, we must strive to preserve their natural habitats. This means reducing pollution, making educated consumer choices and traveling responsibly. Supporting eco-tourism efforts that help protect wildlife is important. Eco-friendly tours educate tourists about animal conservation and the importance of environmental protection.

    3. To Protect Our Natural Resources

    Our natural resources are limited, which affects the sustainability of our communities. Making sustainable and renewable choices in your daily life will help to preserve these crucial resources. This means using less plastic, choosing eco-friendly products and minimizing food waste. These are simple practices that everyone can integrate into their life. If we want our communities to thrive, we must allow nature to thrive as well.

    4. To Combat Climate Change

    As the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, we are seeing more and more dangerous weather patterns emerging. This is largely due to the human activity that has created increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. For the future of our planet, it is our moral responsibility to help combat climate change. Making a genuine effort to protect our environment on a daily basis will make all the difference to our future.

    5. To Foster Economic Growth

    Protecting the environment also has benefits for the economy. A healthy environment helps to boost nature based-tourism and encourage responsible travel practices. The eco-tourism sector is a huge contributor to many economies around the world. It can help fund conservation projects, create jobs, and increase the economic value of local communities.

    6 . To Pave the Way for Future Generations

    The way we treat the earth today will affect the lives of generations to come. Doing your part to protect the environment will benefit your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It’s our job to set a positive example for future generations. If we show our appreciation for the environment now, younger generations may grow up with an eco-friendly mindset too. The sooner we begin to take responsibility for the environment, the better.

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!