End Mombasa diseases, clean up Mombasa, we need change

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The town has been for a while had poor garbage collection arrangement which has led to sporadic eruption of deadly diseases unheard off in other Kenyan Counties. It is mainly attributed to poor hygiene with stagnant water, garbage all over leading to breeding of uncontrolled mosquitoes which are spreading this diseases. Mainly the diseases have been termed as "Chikungunya", "Onyang Ngong" and "Dengu Feaver" 

I believe if proper cleanliness is adhered to by the county government, all shall be well. Help pass the message or where possible we can work together to ensure sanity the city.

The change if realised will see healthy families free to mingle with all people from various sections of the city without fear on contacting the diseases which have even been believed to be contagious.