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Eliminate Paper Receipts

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Your morning coffees, the soda you buy at the gas station, any little purchase that doesn't require a proof of purchase, but still comes with a receipt. This is the problem. 10 million trees are cut down each year to produce these receipts that most people either don't take or just throw away. What everyone doesn't realize is that these little scraps of paper are causing the planet millions of trees through deforestation. It takes ~400 gallons of oil to create one ton of paper. This equals ~250 million gallons of oil being used to keep up with only the United States' demand for paper receipts. We are killing our trees, which is in turn killing out planet for something we don't use and for receipts we don't take. 

I have no personal interest in this other than the fact that I see the issue and feel that we don't really need to be this wasteful. Also, every time they hand me a receipt at any of the places I've mentioned I never take the receipt and it's pointless to keep doing that. So sign away and let's fix this issue. Thank you for your time. 

Digital Receipts

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