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Decreasing Climate Change

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Scientists have been studying global climate change for many years leading to the main point that climate change is a big problem in the world. There are many reasons why this is a big problem but two main reasons is animals and the humans. In Antarctica and other glacial places, the global climate change is causing massive icebergs to melt and destroying animals habitats that live in those types of places. For example penguins habitats and polar bears habitats are melting and being destroyed by this big global issue. Other animals are being forced to move to closer to the poles as a response to the increasing global temperatures.

Animals of all types and all around the world could be and are being affected by climate change in different ways. Some in which are affecting how animals live, like birds and the timing that they lay eggs and how they migrate. It causes birds to lay their eggs earlier in the year than usual, also birds are migrating and arriving at their nesting grounds earlier, and the nesting grounds that they are moving to are not as far away as they used to be.

Other animals that are severely impacted are fish and mammals because of changing rainfall patterns are causing dams to be built in some areas of our planet, not considering the migrating fish and mammals that annually move up river to breed and mate. Scientists have looked into how this global problem of climate change is being caused and how it’s causing many other things harm. Scientists have come to a conclusion on how this problem is being caused, and the only thing to blame for it, is humans. Some things that humans could do to prevent climate change affect on animals is, they could reduce the CO2 levels so that for one thing, it wouldn’t threaten the entire animal food chain.

This issue is also impacting humans health drastically. Some things in the environment that affect people’s health are Heat waves, severe storms, air pollution, and diseases. Extreme heat can cause illnesses such as heat cramps, heat stroke, and even death. In 2003 a heat wave in Europe caused about 50,000 deaths, and in 1995 a heat wave in Chicago caused more than 600 deaths. Studies show that heat waves cause more deaths in the United States every year than hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes combined. The bad ozone layer is an air pollutant that damages human health, vegetation, and many common materials. The air is polluted caused by humans, and bad ozone which is also a main ingredient in smog makes it harder for people to breathe. ticks and mosquitoes carry diseases that will allow them to survive longer throughout the year. Which puts humans at a greater risk. Diseases like malaria carried by mosquitoes is a deadly disease and becomes greater when it is hotter and more humid.

some things that humans could do to prevent this as much as possible is, they should always take precautions and be aware of ticks and mosquitoes when it is hot outside. The final thing they could do is be smart and don’t cause global climate change in the first place! So sign my petition so that we can get the word out there to stop causing global climate change. 

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