Compensation for Flint Water Bills from The EPA and the State of Michigan- Flint is Still

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Flint, Michigan has been stuck in an announced water crisis and state of emergency since 2015. There are around 100,000 residents in the city of Flint, 41% of which live below the poverty line, making less than $25,000 in household income. As of right now, residents are being forced to pay bills for dirty water, use filters for water up to 44x above the lead limit, and if these requirements are not meant, they are being threatened with having their children taken away. This is on top of the health bills; they have to cover from the leading poisoning they are also suffering form.

Despite, moving back to the Detroit Water System in 2015, the water is still retaining high levels of less. CNN gives an example in there “Flint Water Crisis Fast Facts” article, saying that 400 Flint homes had their water tested after the water filters were in place. Out of the 400 home, 52% still had high levels of leads. This means they are still continuing to be poisoned as we speak.
Leaving this situation left in the hands of the state and city officials, who are actually responsible for not replacing the rusted pipes running from the Flint River in the first place, and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), which had neglected to clean the Flint River water the proper way. The EPA did not use an anti-corrosive agent back in the 1970’s to properly clean the water and have not called for IMMEDIATE ACTION as they are supposed to do when lead levels are well above their standard of 0 ppb (parts per billion). Here is a link to both EPA Standard for Water and Lead Health Effects:

CNN reported, “According to a class-action lawsuit, the state Department of Environmental Quality was not treating the Flint River water with an anti-corrosive agent, in violation of federal law. The river water was found to be 19 times more corrosive than water from Detroit, which was from Lake Huron, according to a study by Virginia Tech.

Since the water wasn't properly treated, lead from aging service lines to homes began leaching into the Flint water supply after the city tapped into the Flint River as its main water source.”

In fact, their research reveals that out of 14,800 Flint homes, 1/3 of the homes had a reported 40ppb of lead in their water. EPA says 0 ppb is the acceptable standard for lead in a water system and 15 ppb is a call for IMMEDIATE ACTIONS.
1,700 Flint residents have since filed a law suit against the EPA for $722 million in damages, and rightfully so. As a people, we must help to bring justice as soon as possible and stand together with the people of Flint! Read here:

SOLUTION: ALL Flint residents must be compensated for:

  • Water Bills- All Flint resident water bills are to paid for as long as their family remains at that residence. (This will also make up for the all the years they paid for dirty water before the crisis was announced)
  • Healthcare Coverage- Healthcare costs will vary depending on lead levels detected and how quickly improvement is seen in the blood work. All medical expenses should be covered and so should work compensation is if the person has to miss work due to lead poisoning.
  • Adequate Water Filters- All water filters must pass the test of producing water at 0 ppb of lead. Depending on testing results and how damaged the filtration system is in the Flint Household will determine the cost for price and brand of filter. 

Compensation is to come from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or the state of Michigan. This solution will improve health of residents, provide prevention of future lead leach from Flint Water Systems in the future, help residents reach the requirements necessary to keep and have their children returned to their households. MOST IMPORTANTLY, this will hold the STATE OF MICHIGAN and EPA accountable for both their scandal and neglect for the city of Flint. Preventing future water crisis from arising as a whole.


IN SHORT, they claimed Mayor Snyder did not provide enough documents to make a case for the investigation to be thorough enough and continue focus on the water crisis. This is an ALTERNATIVE FACT. Ultimately, they gave 170 million dollars into total to pacify Flint’s crisis along with other ongoing and “potential water crisis” as hush money, which is not nearly enough to cover the health care, filter, water bottles, and the water bills for residents affected by the crisis. The House GOP went on to blame the EPA for having a “slow response”. The overseeing of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAVE FAILED THE PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN.

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