Ban all imports of Honey Bee species into the UK

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With the recent concern over the well being of Honey Bee species in the UK, isn't it about time that all imports of Honey Bee species be banned in the UK. The main problem is the introduction of pests and diseases that have a seriously detrimental effect on the whole of the UK, Varroa being just one recent introduction which has had a devastating effect on both feral and maintained stocks of Honey Bees. There are enough breeders in this country to easily maintain the stocks needed and a ban would only serve to increase the availability of home bred stock. Lets stop destroying the environment and properly manage what we already have. There is recent evidence that the native Black Bee Apis Mellifera Mellifera, also known as the western Honey Bee, is as productive as most other species imported into the country and just as easily kept as other species. There are a lot of myths about the native Honey Bee much of which is currently being dispelled as hearsay. We need to protect and nurture our native stocks and prevent man made disasters such as Varroa affecting our stocks. The isle of man has so far been protected from Varroa due to an import ban I believe in the 80's. Lets take a lesson from them and protect our environment and it's species.