To plant new trees at the same rate existing trees are cut down in the UK and the world

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Adam and Bethany Rushcliffe Pupil Parliament
Adam and Bethany Rushcliffe Pupil P… signed this petition

Hi, we are Bethany and Adam and we are representing the Rushcliffe Schools' Pupil Parliament, based in Nottinghamshire. This October, our Pupil Parliament voted for our petition to ensure that the welfare of our planet is looked after by making sure we continue to plant trees at the same rate that trees are cut down or destroyed. Every minute a forest the size of 20 football pitches across the world is cut down and isn't replanted!  

Why are are trees important?

They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen and without this, we wouldn't be able to breathe. They provide habitats for animals, which in turn are good for the eco-system and keep the food chain together. They provide picturesque views and keep our planet a nice place to live. If we don't replant trees, we will eventually run out of them. This means that we can't have paper or make things out of wood, such as: furniture, housing, or climbing frames.

In summary, trees are massively important to every generation that is born into the world. Please help today's children have a world they can live in happily, and be proud of tomorrow.

We are asking the Government, their tree champion and the Woodlands Trust to all get together and pioneer this petition in the United Kingdom so the rest of the world can follow. Thank you - please sign up today :)