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Ban all GM food and ingredients from all retail outlets in the UK

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1) There has been no longitudinal studies conducted in humans to prove that GMO is safe
2) There have been a number of studies on small animals that indicate GMO is a possible cause of infertility and tumorous growths
3) Monsanto is an irresponsible company that has caused the deaths of thousands of Indian farmers and cannot be trusted.
4) GMO is banned in parliamentary restaurants
5) Michelle Obama has arranged for organic food to be grown in the White House Garden.
6) Laura Bush insisted that all food in the white House was organic
6) Samantha Cameron is reported to shop at Daylesford Farm organic shop
7) Mitt Romneys wife Anne sticks with organic following her battle with MS
8) GMO food is banned in Monsanto's own canteen
9) It appears that many prominent political leaders think GM is ok for us, but not for them, which tells us everything we need to know.
10) The story that a worldwide shortage of non GMO produce means we have to accept GM is bogus. Brazil has sufficient to supply the whole of Europe

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