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On a cold winter morning make it OK for your family to turn on your home heater before 7am

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Like most people, it is important for me to live within the laws and regulations that make this country great. As part of a recent home renovation it came to my attention that if I turned on my fully compliant home heating unit before 7am on a weekday and 9am on the weekend then I would technically be in breach of an EPA residential noise regulation.

For my family, our days start shortly after 6am on weekdays and around 8am on weekends. This means that if, on a cold winters morning, we turn on the ducted heating when we wake up then we are operating outside of EPA regulated times. In talking to friends, family and work colleagues, I have come to the conclusion that my family is pretty typical of most Australian families (especially those in the colder southern areas). This makes this EPA Regulation potentially the most flouted regulation in Victoria and Australia.

I have raised my concerns with the EPA who confirmed the above but, to their great credit, also pointed out that they are currently reviewing and updating their Residential Noise regulations. As part of this review, I hope that this petition will be taken into consideration by decision makers in the EPA.

To be specific, this petition is seeking to change the permitted operating times of EPA compliant residential home heaters to 6am to 10pm on weekdays (currently 7am and 10pm) and 8am to 10pm on weekends (currently 9am to 10pm) This minor change will ensure that most Australian families will not be breaching an EPA regulation when they turn on the home heating when they wake up on a cold winters morning.

Your support will be greatly appreciated. 

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