Quantong is For us not for waste.

Quantong is For us not for waste.

3 May 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Quantong community

We the undersigned object to the application by Water Sustainable Farm to build and operate a waste site to dispose of salty brine water from the Protein Plant in Horsham at Lanes Avenue, Quantong.

We the undersigned request that the EPA reject this application on the following grounds;

- This is a residential area
o Negative impact on property values
o The owner has land near where they live; where there is only farmland
- The works proposed, have already been constructed without any permits
o Immediately shows lack of respect for the laws and local consideration
o How can the risk of seepage be mitigated if not factored in during construction?
o No consideration for approved entrances to the site
o No inspections of the standard of work undertaken
- Risk of water seepage and contamination increasing salinity
- It is proposed the site will have a life of 30 years
- Lack of community consultation – the impact extends beyond the 7 houses who were letter dropped.
- Failure to address concerns in regards to odour with 7 houses between 250 and 500 metres from the site,  when this is highlighted as a major issue surrounding the plant
- 3 trucks per day on a gravel road

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Signatures: 533Next goal: 1,000
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