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KFC, please pay for your own recycling bins

I love two things in this world - KFC and recycling. But, I don’t think that taxpayers should be forking out for either of them. Especially not when it’s taxpayer dollars being spent on recycling bins for multi-million dollar corporation KFC.

That’s why I am outraged at the Queensland Government’s announcement on the 17th of April to give $40,000 to Queensland KFC stores to introduce recycling bins.

Over the last twelve months the Queensland Government has been crying poor. "We're about to become the Spain of Australia..." they said, and "We are in a power dive into the abyss."

The Queensland Government cannot get away with crying poor whilst throwing money at a multi-million dollar company that should be taking responsibility for its own waste.

Queensland has been crippled by brutal job cuts. We have lost 12,000 jobs from Queensland public services including health, education, child safety and disability services, emergency services and prisons. While these services are reeling from budget cuts it is not appropriate to be providing corporate welfare. The welfare of people should be the first priority.

Recycling is more important than ever. We all have a responsibility to reduce our waste and recycle whenever possible. But giving thousands of dollars to a company that makes millions in profit is not a smart use of resources - and it is an insult to the people of Queensland.

Please KFC, do the right thing, and pay for your own recycling bins.

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  • Environment Minister Andrew Powell, Kevin Perkins CEO of Collins Food Group

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