Muslim Frontline workers told to go to a covid hotel with new born baby.

Muslim Frontline workers told to go to a covid hotel with new born baby.

5 July 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aisha Jama

Hi my name is mrs Ali. I’m 61 years old who has been working through this pandemic even though I am considered to be at high-risk regarding COVID.  I live with my family in Copley close, Hanwell. My family include my daughter who had recently given birth to a newborn, when all these problems started.


At first on January 6th 2021 we just complained about the ongoing sewage smell. Though some repairs have taken place which I’m grateful for. A number of other problems have been uncovered.


The problems mainly are due to the plumbing . We where told the kitchen base unit and the bathroom has to be stripped, which I understand has to be done. So that further investigation can go on.


On may 10th the network home agency contacted us and said that we would be offered temporary accommodation while all these thing where to be done.


Even though we agreed to be accommodated, the accommodations where unacceptable for me  and my family to live in. It’s a poor quality. Again I have a granddaughter that is 10 months now.

I also have many underlying health issues that make me high-risk, regarding COVID.


There is no proper catering laid out so we would have to heavily rely on takeaway. This wouldn’t be convenient for me and my family.

All these factors showed that this accommodation was unsuitable for me and my family.


We where then offered accommodation in a serviced apartment., which meant that Network Homes understood their liability in offering  a suitable accommodation, the location was just too far from work. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of being a driver. I’m a care worker, I look after four elderly women who depend on me to look after them. I already wake up at 5 am to get ready for work.


We are currently at loggerheads about what to do next.

I have found it very difficult to get a response from them.

I am keen to find a resolution to this matter but I believe that I am being ignored.


I believe that we are being discriminated against due to my social economic status, identity and my ethnicity. This is a violation of my rights not only as a citizen but as human as well. I am a British citizen and should be treated as one.


There is  a very strong smell of sewage in our flat We have small baby  in the property and we all have great concerns about the effect this is having on our health and our quality of life. We can’t stand the smell of the house that we wear clinical masks due the smell and lack of oxygen. There is so much flies in the house that we are constantly Swatting flies away.  I am really worried about my health and family’s health and what this sewage smell can cause us that we have been in hailing for such long time.

I don’t think network homes  are taking our health serious. The floorboard is now loose and you can feel it move when you walk on it, also there is a leak under the floor which is coming out to the surface. If nothing gets done soon as possible the house will be flooded.  Some times we wake up in the morning to a puddle of water on the surface we constantly cleaning.


We are now into the seventh month of this ongoing saga of hell. These times have already been hard due to these unprecedented times due to Covid . My home has become unbearable to be in due to the fact I have to wear a mask  to shower or bathe because of the smell of the waste pipe rotten underneath the house.


The way we have been dealt with is unacceptable and unreasonable .


Please sign this petition to get the public’s attention so we can be heard by Network Homes.

Thank you for you help. 

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Signatures: 40Next Goal: 50
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