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Ban Polythene, Use Organic bags

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Experts have estimated that annual waste generation in India will increase to 165 million tonnes by 2030. This means that around 66,000 hectares of land is needed to set up a landfill site which is 10 metres high and can hold up to 20 years’ waste. If we do not change our waste practices now then we will soon be buried in our own muck.

Every product has a shelf life, but sadly that is not the case with plastics. The fact is that our planet cannot digest plastic. Plastics take around 500 to 1000 years to completely degrade due to the presence of complex polymers. Can it possible to complete ban of plastic in Odisha?what are the alternative possibilities available for plastic?

The answer is yes it is possible. Govt have to prepare a  blue print for that.First of all we have to calculate how much tone of plastic waste are currently available & how can we completely decompose them . The decompose process will take upto 6 months if tried in mass level.The decompose process are-1.we can decompose plastics by means of Daniel Burd method.2.We can use plastics for construction of road purpose by  adopting prof. R. Vasudevan method.

Before planning ban on plastic we have to think is their any alternative availabe after plastic? Answer is yes. Currently in Bangaluru their is an organisation called Envigreen who invented organic bags which are made from natural starchs. if we dip the bags in hot water it will dissolve & if we dumped it inside soil it will automatically decompose within 100 days.If any animal eats it ,nothing harm will going to happen  them because it will digest automatically. The bags have been certified as plastic free by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board and the global certification and testing firm TÜV SÜD South Asia. After ban declared on plastics in Mangaluru  In search of substitutes, Aswath Hegde personally funded a team of 10 researchers in Europe to develop biodegradable carry bags.

We can use the organic carry bag technology in Odisha as alternative to plastic. After that we have to ban all type of plastic manufacturing.It can be possible with clear intention from Government. I hope Govt. of Odisha will implement this.We have to save our mother earth from plastics.

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