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Oppose the methodical extermination of stray cats in Wellington

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To members of the Environment Committee of the Wellington City Council,

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our purpose to inform you that we consider your new proposed animal laws and regulations, and in particular the intent to capture and kill all stray/feral cats in the Wellington region, absolutely barbaric and unacceptable.

These cats, and all animals in general, are completely innocent. Humans have irrevocably modified nature over the last 20,000 years -- destroying ecosystems, hunting to extinction, breeding, domesticating and enslaving animals all over the globe.

It was humans who brought mammals to NZ, including the most destructive species on this planet: homo sapiens. It is humans who are relentlessly continuing to destroy the environment and the biosphere all over the world, including in NZ.

According to your (apparent) logic, any non-native species in NZ that is somehow interfering with NZ's ecology must be kept under control by means of murder, if necessary. It follows that one should apply your new proposed cat rules to people as well. Should we cap human population in NZ (say not more than 1 offspring per person?) and murder all homeless people, orphans, and everyone who cannot defend themselves to boot?

Murdering defenseless innocent animals is not a single iota more excusable, permissible or acceptable than the application of your plan to humans. The only difference is that animals have no voice and no power to defend themselves, which means humans can hope to get away with such atrocities.

Fortunately, not all humans are heartless and cruel monsters. There are those who will stand up against such barbaric madness and protect the innocent. Let it be known that we will NOT allow you to pass the proposed laws and carry out the countless murders they entail.

NZ is a country of good and kind people, and we take pride in being part of it. Your plans will bring NZ international disrepute as a nation of cruel animal abusers, which is an unjust reflection on the majority of its citizens .

Now, it is true that the feline population is growing rapidly, but a much more sensible solution (one that is being put into practice by several charitable organisations), is to catch and desex stray cats, releasing them back into their habitat afterwards.

You shall receive our support if you modify your plan to the humane option of desexing -- rather than killing -- stray cats.

Most sincerely,

Sophie S. Shamailov

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