Stop Regional Councils Controlling the Sale of Moorings

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The Navigation and Safety Bylaw 2016 ECan changed the rules surrounding the retention, sale and purchase of moorings and imposed what we believe are unreasonable obligations and conditions on all mooring owners in Canterbury.

In particular

  • You can no longer sell your mooring. If you express the desire to sell, your mooring authorisation will be revoked and reallocated by ECan to the next person on the waiting list.
  • You can sell your block and tackle but if the person allocated your mooring doesn't want it, ECan can require you to remove the block at your expense. 
  • Moorings left unattended for six months may be seized by the Harbourmaster. Reg 25.5

Previously you invested in your mooring and were able to re-coup this on sale provided you complied with inspection and repair requirements imposed by ECan.

This is a bureaucratic policy to take away fundamental proprietary rights of the owner, and will make it even harder for people to obtain a mooring as the people who own them currently are at a great disadvantage when wishing to sell. 

If you live outside Canterbury could your Regional Council be next to stop you selling your mooring? What about your boatshed or slipway?

We are dissatisfied with the lack of consultation, we want these Bylaws reviewed and our rights reinstated. 

Please sign our petition. 

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