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Protect Our Waters: Enforce Ban on Plastic Microbeads!

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Environment Canada is currently reviewing whether or not to ban plastic microbeads. This is the perfect time to educate ourselves and speak up to protect one of Canada's most beautiful and sacred commodities, our Water.

For decades cosmetic and hygienic companies have been adding small exfoliant particles to products known as microbeads. These particles, normally less than 5 millimeters, are non-decomposing and easily pass through most regional water treatment systems and end up within our lakes, rivers, and oceans.  

Due to their small size they often are suspended on or just below the surface and resemble what many aquatic species see as food.  Research conducted by the State University of New York revealed that these micro beads travel through the food chain beginning with small fish, which when eaten begin to move up through the marine food chain before finally accumulating in birds and mammals.  There were an average of 44 micro beads within the gastrointestinal tracts of marine birds around Lake Erie. These microbeads, while passing through treatment systems and suspended within waterways, are able to absorb hydrophobic pollutants and end up within the food chain as a result.

It wasn't until 2012 that studies were conducted to understand the sheer amount of microbeads within the great lakes.  It was found that there's an average of 43,000 microbeads per square kilometer!  This is double the average of both the South Pacific Gyre and the North Atlantic Gyre!

This needs to end, we must stand up to protect what already is and will ALWAYS be a crucial resource.

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