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Preventing rampant misuse of electricity in public offices in India

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We live in two contradicting India while on the one hand there are many villages which do not get even a tip of electricity supply even today while on the other hand their is rampant misuse of electricity in various public offices these days

Who to blame for these mishap?

The government or the unaware population who resort to wasting electricity each day by various habits like switching on the tube lights even when there's no requirement.

The collateral which society have to pay is enormous.It ranges from various environmental hazards to the further deprivation of population which does not have these facilities.

As to provide them with electricity supply it is essential to increase production which causes increase in coal demand and nuclear material which increases burden on environment.

Nearly 70 percent of electricity generated in India is by thermal plants . Thermal power plants use coal .Coal in the electricity production process releases high amount of pollutants like sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide and many more which leads to serious respiratory ailments.

Also nuclear material which is used in electricity production is leads to several radioactive materials in environment.

Recently acoording to report by Lancet a reputed environment journal shows that one person dies in India within span of two minutes.Nearly every city in India suffers with pollution holocaust. With life expectancy rate of its inhabitants decreased and people suffering from serious lungs and serious respiratory disorders.

The report also pointed that the situation in India is so grave that it would be very late if extraordinary measures are not taken immediately.

If switching off of lights will become a law it will reduce tremendous pressure on environmental pollution.

There will be sense of triumph  among civil society that government is willing give some symbolic signs for tackling the disaster of pollution.

The power which is unnecessarily wasted could be successfully diverted to the areas which do not get electricity even today.

I am hopeful that this law will mark the beginning of new era in environment friendly activism.

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