To have people safely dispose their E-waste & vapes at environmentally safe organizations

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Currently electronic waste is having an extremely harmful impact on our local ecosystems; harming animal life and plant life with its toxic chemical byproducts like Mercury and  Brominated flame retardants to name a few. Unlike regular waste, e-waste virtually does not biodegrade, making it an issue that will effect EVERY generation to come if we do not solve it. Canada's federal government has chose to send our improperly disposed e-waste to other nations with few environmental regulations such as the Philippines to avoid dealing with the issue. These shipments of e-waste pose a large health risk to the human life and wildlife of these countries.

At the same time, the population, globally, is switching to electronic cigarettes to improve health, but it also has the affect of creating more electronic waste through its parts such as constantly replaced atomizers which stay in the environment forever with their never-degrading metal and Lithium-ion batteries which create toxic fumes when burned. Currently 17% of all high school students in Ontario vape, adding to the e-waste accumulation when improperly disposed. As many as 30% of these students throw away their vapes and do not know where to properly dispose them and their e-waste in general

My goal for this petition is to:

  1. Create an effort to teach people how to properly dispose there e waste and vapes
  2. Bring awareness to the severity of the issue 

This petition is directed to the Environment and Climate Change Canada and Minister Catherine McKennaI to create more awareness to the issue. I believe if students learned to be more environmentally aware with their e-waste, these toxic components can avoid the cargo ships and be recycled properly. With 200 signatures i believe i can spread this issue far enough to educate others and promote change to this social justice issue. Please share!