Let's fight for a world free plastics.

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Let’s get straight to the point - The Planet Is Collapsing! Hundreds of thousands of animals are dying, and slowly, the humankind is getting there too. The world currently has a terrible, gruesome plastic pest. From the depths of the ocean to the top of Everest, every inch of this planet is infested with large amounts of plastic. Whales, sea turtles and birds have their stomachs full of trash that prevent them from eating, making them sick and eventually, killing them.

The plastic industry wants you to believe that microorganisms eat the plastic and is then reintegrated into the ecosystem, but it's not true. Plastic doesn't decompose 100%. It transforms into particles —called microplastics—  so small that are impossible to eliminate. Most, if not all, water bodies in the world are contaminated with microplastics. Every time we drink a single glass of water, we are consuming these microplastics. 

In order to save the planet and our future, it’s our duty to urge governments and companies to prohibit plastics for good. This toxic material must be replaced by ecological, sustainable, and compostable products. There are several alternative products to plastic bags in the market that have shown they are biodegradable and don't pollute the environment.

Together we must put pressure on the government and companies. You can take the first step by signing this petition.

The planet needs our help more than ever. We have very little time left to save the world, the oceans, animals and our children’s future.