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we happened to knew about the POL storage station building at Punchakkad ,Payyannur in Kannur Dt ,Kerala .The place chosen for this storage station is totally unfit
for this purpose .It is an ecologically fragile area .Most of the land ,which is intended to acquire for this purpose is cultivating paddy fields and Mangrove
forest . But, the company has given a false statement for EIA , that the land is coconut plantation ,instead of paddy fields.. about 130 acres of paddy fields
directly and another 200 acres indirectly will be totally distroyed by this project .The land have to fill with soil ,about 2 meters hight .For getting soi for this,
many of the hilloks of the district also will be distroyed .These hilloks and paddy fields are the main source of fresh water in the surrounding villages .In the
present state itself these places are facing water scarcity in the summer season.

The mangrove forest in the land will be completely distroyed by this project . Mangrove forest is not just a group of plants .It is a living eco system .They can only
grow in tidal areas. Prawns and many species of fishes are breeding in them . several migratory and local birds and many other animals like fishing cats , wild cats
,foxes , otters, turtles,bats etc,are making there life in this forest. The companies have an arguement that ,they will protect these mangroves by constructing walls
around them .They can't grow inside walls and will be distroyed .

The land is also include in sesmic zone 3 ,which may have earth quakes upto 7 intensity . .It is a coastal zone ,including in the protected area laws of CRZ .Even
ordinary constructions are banned by law in this place ,then how a hazardous storage station be constructed there?The companies themselves are saying that there may
be the chance of accident .Fire from this huge plant could not be putout by any means ,because no one can go near it and it will spread so fast that nothing can be

The famous backwater Kavvayi and five rivers falling in it will get polluted by oil, through this project .Evenif they take most precautions ,then also small leakings
of oil from the hundreds of tanks when loading and unloading will polute the water bodies ,soil and air. The precious fishes of these rivers and backwater will be
effected by oil and thereby food safety will be badly effected .It will also effect the daily life of the fishernman .The hazardous oil mixed water from the storage
plant will surely effect all the water bodies of the nearby willages also These shores are also are the egg laying place of rare turtle ,Olive ridely . They can't come
to the shores ,because of pollusion.

So ,taking the importance of Punchakkad, which is so much ecologically fragile area,and coastal zone and rich paddy cultivation lands and water reservoyer of the
surrouning villages and rich fish population of the water bodies etc. please drop the project with immediate effect.Other wise there will arise huge protest from the
public and environment and human right people of kerala ..

yours faithfully

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