Black Tech Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2020

Black Tech Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2020

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Lamar Seay- Vyre Network

Lamar Seay, a man motivated to educate middle America and the globe on the circumstances and issues plaguing urban communities through media, and how these communities are misrepresented. Lamar is the owner and President of Vyre Network, which is a streaming platform all about cultural awareness, independent filmmaking, and diversity-both in its type of content selection and within the content itself.

With a wide-range of entertainment experience to boast about, Seay’s vision for Vyre is one that distinguishes him from others and makes itself unique by focusing on meaningful, unfiltered, and independent content. Seay has also produced interviews with some of the biggest music artists such as 2 Chainz, Tyga, Common, YG, French Montana, and DJ Drama amongst others with his work as Chief Editor of TRUE Magazine and Rnb Magazine. 

Sheena Allen-Capway

As the founder and CEO of Capway, an enterprise dedicated to distributing different resources  and services with the ultimate goal of educating and teaching individuals from underserved communities how to be financially literate. 

Along with their trainings and lessons, Capway also offers prepaid cards and bank-issued debit cards. Allen says she was inspired to found Capway after seeing the surrounding inequities in her environment as a Mississippi resident. 

Kimberly Bryant-Black Girls CODE

Kimberlty Bryant is the founder and executive director of Black Girls CODE in 2011. Black Girls CODE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating girls youth from underrepresented regions on computer programming and technology. 

Bryant experienced quick expansion with the company, as Black Girls CODE now resides in several states around the country and, only a year after launching, amplified their platform and work to South Africa.

Lisa Dyson-Kiverdi

Kiverdi, a marvelous and ingenious company aiming to convert carbon-rich waste into inexpensive yet valuable oils and chemicals extracted from those oils. These oils and chemicals, which are used in materials such as detergents, basic plastics, and fuel additives, would be such an enormous win for our depleted earth.

As the founder and CEO of Kiverdi, Lisa Dyson also boasts a Ph.D. in physics from MIT and research experience in bioengineering, energy, and physics at Stanford, UC Berkeley, Princeton, and UCSF. 

Asmau Ahmed-Plum Perfect

As the founder of Plum Perfect, Asmau Ahmed aims to manufacture an online platform which uses individuals’ photos to recognize, determine, and suggest custom clothing and merchandise, color matches, and other accessories like lipstick. Ahmed founded the company in 2010, and also holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS with Honors in chemical engineering from the University of Virginia.

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