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Jason Davis and his wife Samantha Maria Davis are entitled youtubers who want to scam people out of their hard earned money to make a documentary that neither is qualified to do. 


His wife who has the larger reach has taken it upon her self to promo and shove this BS through to her impressionable followers yet is unwilling to fund her own husbands scam. 

he has created a go fund me as well as  “apologising” yet liking comments that indicate his lack of remorse or shame in asking people for money. 

He thinks having depression qualifies him to pry into people’s inner most darkest thoughts bandbox exploit it for financial gain. He does not have a professional at his disposal to work with these people after he “interviews them” and is seeking £10,000 - £38,000 for his luxury holiday. He has already taken over £2000 from people on go fund me. 

Please see video made made by Paige Christine